Inclusion Worship Service

11 June 11am – Experienced Caregivers available at Children’s Ministry.

Inclusion Worship - Special Needs

At Collage Community Church, we are passionate about ensuring that our community feels welcomed and safe in our church.  For this reason, we would like to invite our Special Needs Community to attend our 11am Sunday church service at least once a month, while their children with special needs are well taken care of in a room nearby, looked after by caregivers.  We will ensure that the caregivers are sufficiently trained and informed on how to properly take care of your angels! 

Please register your attendance for the next service date available, and provide as much information as possible.

For any further queries you are welcome to contact Johanni on johanni@collage.org.za

Geen Radikaal (tieners) & Aand Diens

op 30 April 2023